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Happy new year everyone! 

I know we've been quiet for some time (researching some very cool building solutions to hopefully showcase soon!)

A few weeks ago we announced our upcoming podcast with Richard Solomon - Thrilled and honored to share this interview  on "Rock It Green" Radio! First time being interviewed for a podcast - can you tell we were a bit nervous??

Enjoy this pod, and please DM us if you had any question and/or would like to learn more about our scope of services.

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Speakeasy (Real Estate Tech) Stories

We've been quiet, but busy over the past couple of months -

Here's an example of one of the things we've been working on this past summer, orchestrated by our good friends at Hom and hosted at the beautiful venue at 63 Wall St , a brief description below; 
"an evening of flowing drinks, fantastic food catered by Savory and conversation exclusive to the real estate industry. Catch Chris Kelly (Convene), Caren Maio (Nestio), Francesca Loftus (hOM) and other top PropTech founders as they share stories on humble beginnings and predict future industry trends. Residential and Commercial specific panels will be lead by hOM, Pinnacle, and MetaProp."

We ( Team Rooted Spaces ) were picked to showcase a few of our unique services, so naturally we invited our favorite artist, Fernando Romero to do a live, interactive, original art on canvas and handed out some free samples of ProBiotic pocket dispensers from our partners at Better Air for the guests to take home (you should ha…

The Bronx's FIRST EVER fully BIOPHILIC supportive senior housing center!

As we prepare to officially launch, we are extremely excited to announce our first, full scale project in the Tremont Section of the Bronx! (exact location here

The site was assembled over the past year by a dedicated team of brokers at the Highcap Group.   The developer, Foxy Management, hired us (Rooted Spaces) as consultants for this incredible development - and we couldn't be more thrilled about it!
Our client is very excited to bring a vision that's very near & dear to his heart - the first, fully Biophilic, supportive senior housing center to the Bronx to life (literally!) and we at Rooted Spaces are thrilled to share with you some of this property's proposed key elements & features.
These were designed with the following guidelines in mind;  
Can we build a residences which will help the elderly with their cognitive abilities?
Can we incorporate building elements to promote physical mobility?
Can we include features relevant to less mobile residents?

YES, …

Ready, Set ,(almost) Go!

Welcome to our blog! We're thrilled to have you join us on this exciting journey as we're about to begin!

Today we're putting the final touches on this new venture as we're getting ready to launch soon! Rooted Spaces - where we plan to change the way our buildings (and cities) currently look to make them better (and healthier!) for us all!

I remember a couple of years ago, on a nice day like today walking through Central Park's "great lawn", where i noticed there were so many people on the grass you literally could barely see any green.

Then it “Hit me” – the biggest, most popular amenity, in NYC, and anywhere else on our planet, desired by all, rich, poor and anywhere in between -  Is just some time in nature! So much so in fact, that buildings & apartments with any sort of “natural view” receive incredible price premiums (Fifth Ave / CPW for example)! We humans have done a remarkable job surrounding ourselves with concrete, asphalt, glass & bric…